Ideal for those who are trying to grab some time dedicated to writing but having trouble carving out the time. So come and do this amongst a community of other writers trying to do the same thing. Because — you know — LIFE! Sometimes it’s hard to set aside time at home in the midst of so many other priorities. Come out and let’s get our “write on” TOGETHER!

Get out your laptop and join online. Prepare yourself to write using that laptop or gather your favourite pens and lots of paper. Grab coffee and tea and choose a comfortable spot. 

At 10:00 am, we’ll have a 10-minute group chat and talk about our intentions for the quiet writing time.

At 11:00 we’ll take a break, say how it’s going and say good-bye if you’ve met your goals or get ready for more writing.

At 12:00 we’ll chat about how it has gone then you are off and feeling brilliant about working on a project by 12:15 pm.

Please RSVP here. I look forward to helping you WRITE NOW (and I don’t mean later)! Free as part of the WRITE NOW Club or $5 (plus applicable taxes) per session.