Thanks for everything. I really appreciate the changes you made and the timeline was brilliant. I hope to work with you again in the future!

  • Trey Anthony

Despite having published two books earlier, I had been sitting over an unfinished manuscript for nearly five years when I met Jackie. My “writer’s block” was beginning to seem like it would never go. Not only was Jackie very encouraging about the idea of finishing the book, she introduced me to her wonderful Writers Group, where I receive constant encouragement, motivation, and feedback. With Jackie and her team as such effective accountability partners, I have finally finished my novel and can’t wait to get it out in the world 🙂

Thank you, Jackie! You’re awesome :*

  • Piyushi Dhir

Not only has Jackie published a bestselling Canadian book she has also works with an important literary agency in the Toronto Area. Even so she continues to read about her craft and share her knowledge with her friends and peers through her writing group. She has encouraged me and given me specific advice and guidance about my work that has helped me refine my work. She has even encouraged me to think beyond the pages of my computer and to actively try to find an agent and publisher.

  • Ayelin Barrios

Loving all your suggestions. They are all so great. I am so happy I hired you to edit my manuscript!

  • Barb Takeda

Here is the article you encouraged me to write. It is supposed to be published in their magazine also–thanks to you!

  • James Kamstra

Jackie Brown is an educated, caring professional team player who takes time to really nurture ‘story’…short, long or all over the board. She encourages tenacity, encourages new writer’s & supports seasoned. I highly recommend Jackie.

  • Dawna Wightman

Ms. Brown is a Jackie of all trades. I can honestly say that she has given my life meaning to pursue my passion of writing. Jackie is inspirational and while she juggles many facets of her life she still finds the time to give selflessly to elevate the craft of writing. She is very knowledgeable about the industry and shares her knowledge with others to become successful. I learn something valuable at every session. She is a true leader and an amazing woman. –

  • Doreen Fernandez

I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie in a local writing group she hosts called the Durham Writing Society. Jackie’s passion for writing, communication and storytelling is contagious. She has helped me to become more productive and effective in my writing efforts. I have learned a great deal about the writing and publishing industry through Jackie’s wisdom and her large network of writing friends and colleagues.

  • Jill Kennedy

Jackie is a warm, compassionate and intelligent person who is very committed to the success of her clients. She took excellent care to ensure that our needs and requirements were met during the production of our corporate video. Jackie is thoughtful and uses a systematic approach to projects. Jackie brings a wealth of helpful experience to her clients from her years in publishing and media work. She is a delight to work with.

  • Bob Wiele

I am working with Jackie on a book and I’m so pleased I made that first call. I am a life coach (SWAT trained) and I’m trying to grow my business. I know a book will help with that, but the true reason I’m writing this is to fulfill a dream of getting my story out there. I have learned so  and developed a life philosophy based on my journey of healing from my own life hurts and lessons. I’ve decided on self-publishing and Jackie has helped me “put my stuff in piles” – focus the themes of my life and philosophy so we can do this book. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and never takes no for an answer! I would definitely recommend her.

  • Daria Gimon, Change in Motion

Jackie Brown is completely amazing!

  • Raven Thompson, Writer & Teacher

I am so impressed with Jackie Brown! Dear Lord, she is a magician!!! How she does what she does, I have no idea, but it’s truly a miracle! I had a bunch of stories mixed in together and you pulled things out. My goodness, Jackie Brown!!! Thank you so much! What you did with my story is amazing! The relief in my heart this morning after reading your edited version is enormous!

  • Navasi Hartmann

Thank YOU for being such an awesome woman and editor. I have struggled to write in the past and with your help those words just flowed like magic.

  • Katie Kozlowski

Aaaaannnnndddd [Simply Woman Publishing] goddess, Jackie. . . knocks ANOTHER one out of the ballpark! It was a distinct pleasure working with you. It was like being with a great girlfriend and we’d laugh until it hurt. Thanks for “getting it” and getting my story out.

  • Katie Seriani Bowell

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…you are insightful, helpful and kind.

  • Pam Del Franco

I had a problem with over-detailing and under-explaining. Lol – I’m not a writer. Thank God for Jackie Brown!

  • Lynsi Anderson

After I started with the timeline of my life as Jackie suggested, a huge heaviness was lifted off my chest! It was finally all out of me! This book is changing my life in ways I’ve always dreamed of. I’m so ready and so grateful!

  • Dimple Arora

From the moment I connected with Jackie, I felt a complete sense of ease and comfort with her. It’s as if I had known her for my entire life. With the sensitive nature of the work we were doing, my fears of feeling vulnerable and too open were erased. She is a pro story-teller and has a gift for interpreting the true essence of what needs to be communicated. Jackie offers grace, friendship and authenticity in her approach when working with her. I would recommend Jackie to anyone.

  • Dimple Arora

Jackie has been an absolute joy to work with from the very first meeting with her. Right from the start, she connected with me and was able to gently hold space for me to share a very vulnerable story. The trust she created helped bring out a deeply honest story that spoke to the true essence of what I felt and wanted to say. If you want to make sure your story and message are held, honoured, and respected, Jackie is definitely the woman I recommend <3 <3 <3

  • Stacey Tsourounis

Just want to thank you, Jackie, for all your help and for taking away the pressure of delivering a well-written piece. It’s been a great experience!

  • Abigail Nadar Nepaul

I want to thank you for your hard work on Energy (also known as Sound) and Living Things and the Environment. It was lovely working with you, both in and out of the office.

I’m truly impressed by how interesting you made a book about sound! I somewhat dreaded editing that one, but I found myself learning a lot and enjoying it. You have a true gift!

I hope to work with you again in the future 🙂

  • Heather Eason, Rubicon Publishing

The innovative minds at JackFruit Press know the secret to engaging kids in their own country’s history: take the subject out of the school textbooks and turn them into a tale teeming with conspiracy, bravery, and humour.”

  • Quill & Quire

Very thorough. Avoids historical generalizations and simplifications of complex events.

  • Carrie Benbow, Librarian, Toronto Public Library

I wanted to write to you personally to thank you from the bottom of my heart  for your amazing support while working with me on this project. From the moment we connected I felt completely at ease, and could feel your energy, and enthusiasm it was also a tremendous comfort to know you were there to help and encourage me at my most challenging and vulnerable times.  Jackie you truly are a beautiful person, to work with and 2nd to none at what you do.

I am filled with gratitude and would not hesitate to recommend your services. All my blessings

  • Libbie Walsh U.K