Writing About the Tough Stuff

As Maya Angelou famously stated, “There is no agony greater than an untold story.”

However, for some writers, telling their stories puts them back into a place of greater agony!

Suffering and pain. Mental agony and misery you may feel when you are trapped by your revisited trauma or addiction.

Are you motivated to tell your story because you have grown and developed after surviving highly unpleasant events? Well, whether the violence to your soul was physical, emotional, or mental writing about it may trigger very unhappy thoughts. Some people shy away from writing for this very reason. How can you write about highly charged events without dragging yourself back into the pit of hurt that you’ve worked so hard to get out of?

In this live webinar, we’ll discuss how to dig deep safely. We’ll talk about how to write about something and build enough distance to make it possible for you to create an emotional response in your readers without falling apart yourself. How much should you share and what if there are a few people involved who you want to protect? Is there a danger of libel in telling your story especially if it reveals someone else’s criminal wrongdoing?

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