The publishing industry is a complex industry, one with its own processes and distribution channels. For success, you’ll need a someone who knows there away around its unique standards, processes, and systems. The team at What’s Your Story-Author Services can lead you through and provide you with advice and strategies that will set your book up and position it for growth

Akosua (Jackie) Brown is a book coach, editor, and story expert who also offers ghostwriting services. She leads on the editorial side and as someone who has worked in publishing her entire, long career, she can guide you through the publishing process.

When it comes to book design, we can refer you to designers and manage that process with you. Erika Arcos is very adept at liaising between you and the designer where necessary to keep the design tight and get you the files that you will need to send to your printer, or to upload to online distribution services like Amazon, IngramSparks, Smashwords, or any of the many companies offering print on demand (POD) and ebook distribution services.

Need support with your author platform? Well, we have people who help increase your visibility through social media and through an author website.

A market assessment of your project is part of the job and Maxine Wray will create a customized marketing strategy for you, one that will set your book up for long-term success.

Children’s Books

Children’s books are complex and require a multi-disciplined team. Akosua supports you by editing your manuscript, helping you to decide on the types of illustrations you’d like, finding and contracting an illustrator, creating a book plan and design. The whole What’s Your Story-Author Services team works together with you and your selected the illustrator, designers, and printers so you can get that book out and into the hands of schools, parents, and children.