Book coach, publishing consultant

You want to be an author. You’ve been holding on the idea for a while now. You’re the person at the events talking about what you would write about if you wrote a book. Or the one who’s friends often say “you ought to write a book.” You’ve imagined the cover, the title, and the storyline. It might be a business book, a memoir, or an amazing romantic novel that will revolutionize the genre. Yet you’ve been holding back – waiting for a sign.


You have to publish that book.

I get it. The publishing world can be intimidating. The steps to getting published can be more exhausting than the actual process of writing the book. I get it! Let’s not focus on that right now. Together we can make the process much more streamlined. Let’s focus on your idea. Your voice. What do you have to say? What’s your story? Don’t you think it’s worth exploring? Of course, our voice, your idea, your story is worth it!

Perfection is not the goal here – starting is.

Let’s get serious and start the process of getting those words out of your head, out of your notebook, and into a manuscript. All the questions about your worth, not having enough time or whether your idea will make sense to your audience – all of these can be worked through.

Summer is unofficially over! Open that document you saved last year, find a nice quiet place to get cozy, and let’s make it happen. Perfection is not needed to start. Perfection kills.  Once you begin and you see the gains your idea has brought you, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner.

I know you can do this. You know you can do this. I am Akosua—many of you know me as Jackie. You can email me here: I can help you get your story out of your head and into your reader’s hands and hearts. Stay connected to this community for tips and all things books. You got this!