Nineteen authors describe their experiences. From someone locked in a tiny cabin aboard the infamous Diamond Princess to saying good-bye to a loved one by phone during a time visitors were unable to visit their dying relatives. Comedic versions of conspiracy theories to an explanation for belief in one. Love gained and lost during lock-down. Humour, fiction, and non-fiction tales.

Virtually all of the writers included in the compilation are part of the WRITE NOW Club. A new compilation per year is part of the WRITE NOW Club. Contact us here to preorder your copy of this book, scheduled for release in December 2020.

The authors included in Nineteen Tales of COVID-19 are:

Vivienne Bretherick
Jackie Brown
Frankie Cameron
Yvonne Campbell
Heather Chapman
Alice Chow
Scott Robert Dawson
Piyushi Dhir
Norma Allen Esler
Daria Gimon
Darcy Herring
Lisa Hill
Eugenie Jenkins
James Kamstra
Sandra Mouratidis
Myra Moyo
Sandy O’Shea
Tracy Turberfield
Michelle Winterburn