We have helped many writers using methods that build trust, nurtures and develops story, and respectfully helps you to grow your confidence in sharing your voice. We expand your writing comfort zone and help improve your skills. 

One-to-one book coaching is the most popular item we sell. But we also create masterminds of three to eight writers at the same stage of writing who work together over six months or a year. Sometimes a group keeps you motivate better than solo coaching. And for true community support, we have the WRITE NOW Club where writers of all genres come together online for accountability, inspiration, and motivation. In the WRITE NOW Club, you can share your writing with many other writers to receive valuable feedback. We also invite in guest experts, like published writers, publishers, agents, book sales agents, and any who can help you create the books and writing life you desire.

The universal truth is we all have a story. Your story matters and we want to help you share it. With the whole-wide world—if that’s what you want. Or maybe you just want to share it with family. That’s okay, too! We all have our reasons for writing a book and we respect and support yours.

Our mission is to be your partner in publishing. We will be by your side, a page at a time throughout your writing, publishing, and book sales journey.