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Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary act. It is likely you have been trying to get your book done for a year, five years, maybe longer. You aren’t the only one feeling like completing your project is like climbing a mountain. So why not become part of a writing community that can help you stay on the path to achieving and exceeding your writing goals.

Not only do does What’s Your Story – Author Services have one-to-one services, these are also supported by a community of others working with the professionals at WYSAS. We have a Facebook Page as well as bi-weekly meetings on Thursday evenings where you can join others on the path to getting their books done. There are also weekly accountability meetings on Tuesdays at lunchtime (noon EST) and also a creativity workshop on Fridays at noon. We have a WRITE IN on weekday mornings at 7 am EST.


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What happens at the WRITE NOW Club? We talk about our projects. We build solidarity by helping each other. You may have had a rough writing week, so come and be cheered on by others who know what that is like. You have to be committed, or you won’t finish your book. Solution: Group programs are the best way to stay motivated and reach your goal of completing your book. The option of joining the club meetings is part of any Jackie Brown Books program.

Through the WRITE NOW Club we have:

  1. Accountability
  2. Peer advice and support
  3. Beta-readers
  4. Quality feedback
  5. An audience for your stories

A community, whether you write fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, or poetry.

It is much easier to finish when you have people supporting you and cheering for you along the way. Plus, it is much less intimidating when you are working with others on their books as well.

We have many opportunities for you to get involved exactly as you’d like to (all times are EST):

  • regular bi-weekly Thursday evening meetings at 6:30-8 pm
  • Accountability & Marketing on Tuesdays at noon
  • Creativity Wednesday Webinars also at noon
  • On Fridays, come with your questions about your WIP (Work in Progress) and we’ll answer them and help move you through any blocks at guess what time? NOON!
  • Shut Up–WRITE NOW on weekday mornings from 7:30
  • Plus you’ll receive a newsletter and community support on all you do


What’s Your Story – Author Services hosts a number of mastermind groups as some people do better in a group situation than they do on their own. We have masterminds for people who may be grouped geographically, based on where they are in their writing, or based on genre. WYSAS also has masterminds and workshops for those learning a specific skill, such as “Writing the Other”–creating fully fleshed out and authentic characters representing the diversity of our world, whether based on race, gender, sexuality, age, or neurodiversity.

To find out more about these groups, book a discover call here: LET’S MEET!

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In 2021, we produced our first compilation: Nineteen Tales of COVID-19. The book was the first publication for many of the authors. What a milestone! Through our efforts we made the book a bestseller and we aim to sell no fewer than 5000 over the lifetime of the book. Akosua (Jackie) Brown and team are getting ready to announce the topic for book two and will then invite authors to submit stories and poems for consideration.

That’s what WYSAS and the WRITE NOW Club is all about — finding ways to build confidence, resumes, credibility, visibility, and revenue for writers.

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