Book coach, publishing consultant

The testimonials speak to the great results you can achieve working with me. Whether you are seeking to attract a traditional publisher, or if you are on the self-publishing track, I would love to help you. If you are an in-house editor with too much on your plate, then I can help you, too.

I have written for educational publishers and I do particularly enjoy science and social science projects for all grade levels. I managed the Nelson Grade 12 Chemistry project, producing a well-regarded 770 page book in a record eight months! I managed a large team of two senior editors, eight developmental editors, three editorial assistants, and eight writers for that one.

People who have written with me typically self-publish, but I have also helped them build great relationships with literary agents and publishers. What is your publishing dream? Are you writing to gain credibility or to get your voice heard? Are you planning to give the copies away for free to gain an audience or are you trying to develop a second income? Whatever your goals, the Jackie Brown Books team has done it before and looks forward to supporting you towards success.

I love making words sparkle on the page. And that is what I do, everyday and for every client.