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Now is the best time to be a write a book. Know why? Because there are so many ways of getting your words “out there”. You can you can blog, you can create eBooks, you can self-publish full-length books. You can do all this from the comfort of your own computer. You don’t even need to attract the attention of a traditional publisher – but if you can, BONUS!

So why aren’t you doing it?

Although 85% of Americans in business say they want to write a book, only 5% of them actually complete one. It is time to join that elite Five Percent Club.

Here are eight ways writing a book will improve your life. Eight reason why right now – today – is the best time for you to start.


  1. Write a book and complete a life goal – cross an item off your bucket list.
    For many people, myself included, you just need to get your ideas down to start, or join, a discussion. My ideas, my philosophy, the paths I’ve taken have given me a unique insight on so much. I love to share through blogs, and through fiction and non-fiction stories.

Are you with me? If writing your story is something that’s in your gut, the only thing that will quell that longing is getting that story OUT.


  1. Your story will help people.
    Consider the books that helped you over the years. If you are a mother, I’ll bet you read every word of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Maybe Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s best-seller Eat, Pray, Love that was your lifeline after a difficult divorce. Many of us gained self-awareness through Crystal Andrus Morissette’s The Emotional Age, enabling us to be more authentic in all our relationships.

Books don’t have to be international best-sellers to help people. Your concerns can be more niche, rather than global. For example, when I became a widow at age 32, there were a number of unique, personalized tales of making it through which enabled me to breathe when I felt my lungs should collapse. Through books, I found understanding and community. Your book could do just that for others.


  1. Writing a book will expand your platform.

These days, having a book is the strongest business card and networking device there is.

People will contact you about your book, increasing your interactions, particularly through social media. It will increase your Twitter followers and Facebook likes. This helps you to build a platform as people read your message and talk about it online. This will spread your words and ideas far and wide: you’ll build your tribe.


  1. Having a book increases your credibility and positions you as an expert in your field.

Most people know that writing a book is hard work. It takes dedication and follow-through.

Writing one will increase your expertise simply because you will have to do research to support your facts. You will understand more viewpoints and be able to support your own in a stronger, more logical way. It’s proof that you have really thought through every angle of your premise and through your book you demonstrate knowledge and expert understanding of your field.


  1. A book is just as strong as personal referrals. You’ll get many more business leads. And you’ll close more of them.

Having a book creates a personal relationship between you and the reader. They trust you because sitting down and reading a story is quite intimate, it’s a 1:1 conversation. This increases the likelihood they will buy from you. This works especially well for e-Books which are often given away free as part of a marketing plan. Marketing is about building relationships and writing definitely improves your communication skills, enabling you to build stronger connections with potential clients.

According to Catrise Austin, a dentist: “I would estimate my business has increased 30 to 40 percent as a result of my book. People trust and support people who appear in the media or are published. I get to reach audiences I would never have had access to without the opportunities this book has given me.”


  1. A book opens up new business opportunities. 

Once you have the authority that having a book brings, you will find that you get invited to expert panels or improve your ability to gain lucrative speaking engagements. Also, if you are a coach that is just branching out, a book is one of the top ways of getting started.


  1. Having a book gives you more opportunities for marketing and promotion.

For example, people like to attend book launches, and radio shows and local newspapers will be more likely to interview you. Sites like Huffington Post may publish a blog based on you having a published book. So not only are you showcasing your book through these avenues, you are also highlighting your business – for free.


  1. You can sell books creating a new income stream. 

If you hit the right note, your book could become an income stream. But once it gets going, you can earn a passive income from your book indefinitely. You also earn an active income by selling your books at your speaking engagements.


What’s Stopping You?

Knowing which of the above ideas resonates strongest for you will help you know why you are writing this particular book. And having a clear understanding of that is paramount for structuring and deciding on its content as well as how you will market your completed book.

But even when we know why we should do something, why writing a book will improve our lives and enhance our success, we often have that little voice – that little duck – that sits on our shoulder and quacks:

“Who cares what you think?”

“Who do you think you ARE to even consider writing a book?”

“You aren’t smart enough to write a book!”

That voice tells us we will fail before we start. But now you know eight reasons why writing a book will improve your life – so you know just how to SHUT THAT DUCK UP! Write. As your word count increases, so will your confidence and that little duck will have to find another shoulder to perch on. Get writing and you’ll be on the path to leadership and greater success in your field.


About Jackie of Jackie Brown Books: Jackie Brown is a best-selling author and has been in the publishing business for over 25 years. Her greatest ability is helping writers perfect their message for the intended audience – whether that audience is children, potential clients, or professional colleagues. Writing is hard work – a marathon, not a sprint. To make the process easier, Jackie offers personalized support and guidance, starting with free 30-minute consultations.


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