Dianne laughs when you call her bossy. “No,” she’ll reply. “I’m effective.” We all need someone like Dianne in our corner. She is great at establishing and managing processes so that everyone stays on track. Here at Jackie Brown Books, she keeps us all on deadline and also reminds clients when deliverables are expected from them. You’ll meet her as soon as you join the community. She’s both our greeter and our enforcer.

What a concept!

Dianne has worked in the words business her entire career. She serves all our copywriting needs here at JBB and can also help you make your marketing messages clearer. It’s because she has one of those rare abilities to keep what is important at top of mind and she is not easily distracted from her—or your—goal. 

Her dry humour brings you in and you stay because you know she wants to make you successful. She helps you do your best work on time and to budget. Her mission this year is to make the WRITE NOW Club an awesome and supportive community for writers who are dedicated to getting a project out within a specified period. 

Dianne lives in Whitby, Ontario with her partner and her non-stop ball of energy, Haggis, a Scottish terrier puppy. She is a happy mom and the coolest babysitter her granddaughter could ever wish for.