“I’m the one who does all the work around here,” laughs Erika. And she is responsible for so many of the tasks involved with onboarding, organizing project deadlines such that they are possible for you and the rest of the team to achieve them, getting your cover designed, and updating your author website. When you need things done, you call on Erika.

Erika laughs when you call her bossy. “No,” she’ll reply. “I’m effective.” We all need someone like Dianne in our corner. She is great at establishing and managing processes so that everyone stays on track. Here at What’s Your Story – Author Services, she keeps us all on deadline and also reminds clients when deliverables are expected from them. You’ll meet her as soon as you join the community. She’s both our greeter and our enforcer.

What a concept!

Erika lives in Tijuana, Mexico with her husband, her sweet little daughter, Chelsea, several cats and the cutest chihuahua you have ever seen.