A touching and compelling look into the lives of sixteen people who reveal their soulful, real, and inspirational life stories.


The authors share their deepest thoughts and invite you into their most intimate experiences. Through their journeys they have learned about themselves, navigated and overcome their obstacles, and now they embrace the lives they’ve created and who they have become as a result.

These courageous writers gift you with their gained wisdom to help guide you. Read their stories, and you will see you are not alone.


Authors appear alphabetically:

Lisa Anderson

Natasha Azadi

Ranjini Cassup

Jennifer Chapman

Patricia de Picciotto

Heather Di Santo

Bri Dimit

Erin Montgomery

Cassandra Nagel

Franca Navarra

Carl Richards

Reeshemah Stidhum

Marsha Myles Terry

Marieke van Asten

Karem Zafra-Vera

Della Waddell


There is such power to be found between the pages of VOICES. While each collaborative author shares their personal story, the conduit of the book is the emotion of truth. The feeling exudes off the pages, from one author to the next, radiating energy that moves your heart and your soul!

-Jennifer Ettinger, Published Author, Founder, Fit Your Style Inc. and Pink Dreams Inc.


The authors in this book have vulnerably and confidently shared their voices and wrote about their pain, strength, wisdom and power. Each story inspires and demonstrates to all of us that we can overcome and learn from our challenges by being fearless and resilient. A FABULOUS READ.

-Sarah Godbout [SG], Confidence Coach and Published Author of “Head Over Heals-Confidence is an Inside Job”