Who am I and who do I want to be? Have you ever asked, dug deep, gone beyond the surface, and really tried to answer those questions?

Soul of a Woman demonstrates how to live with grace, authenticity, and peace. This book will help and guide you to your true soulful self by leading you to uncover all aspects of your life journey. Unlock and manifest this potential to create a more satisfying life by examining:

– The Self

– Relationships

– Mind + Body + Soul = Beautiful

Tina Majerle believes that we can all be soulful women and capable of transformation. Throughout her book, she explains how to shift and push through the sludge to emerge as our true soulful selves. Only once we do this, we are able to cultivate our beauty, step into our power and live our true purpose.

I love how Tina Majerle voices the truth about friendship and happiness. Reading her words are healing to the mind, body and soul. – Eloise DeJoria, Businesswoman, Actress and Philanthropist

Tina Majerle’s honesty, vulnerability and authenticity leap off the page. It’s a blessing to call her a soul sister. As you read this book, you’ll feel Tina welcome you into the sisterhood too. – Kaylee Hartung, ABC News Correspondent

The world today needs strong women leaders and role models. I call them Rich Women – women who are rich in all ways possible. In Soul of a Woman Tina elegantly guides women to discover their inner strength and beauty, which then allows them to bring their talents and true purpose out into the world. – Kim KiyosakI, Self-Made Millionaire, Bestselling Author of Rich Women, and partner of Rich Dad Author, Robert Kiyosaki

This is a must read! A reminder that every soul possesses a champion spirit and Tina is there to help tap into your best potential. – Mike & Kiki Tyson, Philanthropists; Mike Tyson is an Author, Speaker, Actor, Boxing Icon, and former World Heavyweight Champion