Women s advocate and international best-selling author Crystal Andrus Morissette has announced the release of a new book Simply…Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds. It’s a critical time in the world’s history, especially for women. We are being called upon like never before to stand up, come together, and rewrite our futures. To remember where we’ve been, how we got here, and what we want moving forward. Simply… Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds is a powerfully moving compilation of women’s experiences from all over the globe. From Canada and the USA to Liberia Africa, Palestine, the UK and the Netherlands, each woman in this collection was selected by Andrus Morissette for her honesty and strength. Choosing only thirty women was extremely difficult. Although every one of these writers could have filled an entire book with their incredible life stories, this book represents as many of the different lived experiences that women routinely face and overcome. Each chapter uncovers a different journey from pain and suffering to wisdom and truth. Let these brave women speak to you. Enlighten and inspire you. Evoke you. Sharing is how we will forge our legacy, create a better future, heal the world . . . one strong woman at a time. These stories will give you the inspiration, faith, and desire needed to channel your pain and suffering into your greatness. Our prayer is that this book helps you feel more empowered to tell your story. Sharing is one of the most cathartic ways of healing. All of our stories matter. #TogetherWeRise #TimesUp #MeToo Andrus Morissette is the author of four other international bestselling books, including ‘The Emotional Edge’, which Oprah.com featured her Emotional Edge quiz three times. Chapter/Coles/Indigo polled 40,000 readers to see which book most changed their life, Andrus Morissette came in at #14. A media darling, she’s been in the New York Post, the UK Daily Mail, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star, as well as CBS Radio, CanadaAM, CityTV, Global TV, and Slice TV. This book is Andrus Morissette’s most ambitious project yet. Bestselling author and the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid calls it, Powerful beyond measure … a must-read!