The stories in this book are written by people like you who have been shocked and forced to make big changes to their lives due to novel coronavirus that was first recognized in 2019, the powerful COVID-19. You’ll find many stories in here that will make you smile, or nod your head based on shared experiences. A few will make you cry, and others will make you laugh out loud. They cover a wide number of subjects including COVID conspiracy stories, covid romances, and some writers describe coronavirus mental health impacts. One writer has provided a handy checklist so you can be prepared for the second wave or even another pandemic. Another tells us her story of being trapped in a tiny cabin on the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship quarantined in Japan. The sudden shut down of the travel industry also affected those who specialized on helping people enjoy their dream vacations and so many were others were made to work from home or became unemployed due to the subsequent depression of the economy. This once in a lifetime experience has both devastated people and unified them. One thing we know is that writing and sharing stories heals. Grab your copy and enjoy nineteen tales of COVID-19.