For anyone seeking to connect with themselves, this book will remind you that behind the blindness, lies your truth.

Written by award-winning corporate innovator, trained actress, and self-taught pianist and vocalist, Vanessa’s debut book, Human, takes you through a humbling journey of human ignorance of both ourselves and others, and how it can blind us from all that is around us. The author goes through her everyday life reliving her past through her interactions and everyday observations of others. Even in the most mundane moments, she takes it upon herself to question the intention of others, how they influenced the beliefs she held about herself, and how they contributed to her own blindness of the world around her. Eventually, witnessing a profound moment on a bus ride, she is reminded that by opening her heart to herself and others, she is able to find solace in all of her darkness, free herself from how it blinded her, and find oneness with the world.

“Human is a captivating story of hope and resilience, punctuated by universal truths…” writes Lisa Pinnock, Bestselling Author of Women Let’s Rise. “The reader is taken on a journey of contrasting themes and their reliance on each other – light and darkness, powerful and powerless. As the author so aptly describes, ‘… one can’t exist without the other.’ I highly recommend Human, and look forward to reading more works by this gifted writer!”