Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the future of yoga? If you desire an authentic yoga practice embracing ancient yogic philosophy and traditions but don’t know how to embody that knowledge with integrity in today’s modern yoga culture, Embrace Yoga’s Roots is your guide to honor and not appropriate yoga. “When […]

Best of Outfox

Outfox Magazine is custom-created for kids on the autism spectrum and it is also great for all kids. This compilation highlights some of the great stories that have appeared in Outfox Magazine’s last 17 issues. It contains stories about the fantastic ways the brain works and provides helpful ideas to help kids deal with different […]

Timeless Love

Alijah and his mom do everything together. They go to the park, ride their bikes, practice yoga and Alijah’s favourite: share popcorn during movie nights. Alijah loves being with his mom and he knows his mom loves being with him.   So when Mom introduces him to her new friend, Jason, Alijah is excited. That […]

Simply Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds

Women s advocate and international best-selling author Crystal Andrus Morissette has announced the release of a new book Simply…Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds. It’s a critical time in the world’s history, especially for women. We are being called upon like never before to stand up, come together, and […]

The Soulology Chronicles: Voices – Words of Wisdom, Inspiration, Courage and Soul

A touching and compelling look into the lives of sixteen people who reveal their soulful, real, and inspirational life stories.   The authors share their deepest thoughts and invite you into their most intimate experiences. Through their journeys they have learned about themselves, navigated and overcome their obstacles, and now they embrace the lives they’ve […]


‘s mother was stripped naked. A 14-year-old girl held a gun to her head. ————————- Witness is the true story of a family separated by civil war. When a peaceful childhood in Liberia changed in an instant, 8-year-old Q was thrown into the bloodshed, terror, and violence of the Liberian Civil War. Confronted with massacred […]

Nineteen Tales of COVID-19

The stories in this book are written by people like you who have been shocked and forced to make big changes to their lives due to novel coronavirus that was first recognized in 2019, the powerful COVID-19. You’ll find many stories in here that will make you smile, or nod your head based on shared […]

Hollow Edge

Hollow Edge is fast-paced and riveting. This dystopian YA story is set more than a century after an asteroid hits Earth. The surviving humans live in the Hollows, a self-sustaining city far below the Earth’s frozen surface. Charlie Edge, daughter of the Hollows’ most infamous rebel leader does her best to keep a low profile. […]


For anyone seeking to connect with themselves, this book will remind you that behind the blindness, lies your truth. Written by award-winning corporate innovator, trained actress, and self-taught pianist and vocalist, Vanessa’s debut book, Human, takes you through a humbling journey of human ignorance of both ourselves and others, and how it can blind us […]

Soul of a Woman: How to Cultivate Beauty, Power and Purpose Through

Who am I and who do I want to be? Have you ever asked, dug deep, gone beyond the surface, and really tried to answer those questions? Soul of a Woman demonstrates how to live with grace, authenticity, and peace. This book will help and guide you to your true soulful self by leading you […]