A Full Life of Creativity


I love supporting people with their writing projects because as a creative person myself , I know that feeling of accomplishment you get when you have shared a project that you created with your own brain, a project that represents how you view the world and that enables you to state this and be seen and heard. I feel blessed to have the skills and abilities that help me cut through a piece and see what is not working. Then to provide the writer with the skills to improve it, the guidance that will enable them to produce a unique legacy of their own, and support in selling it whether to a traditional publisher or out in the marketplace.


My books

I have written several best-selling books (selling in excess of 5000 copies) including a book published by the World Health Organization about epidemiology, a book about an inexpensive way of monitoring air pollution by aggregating data over a month, and Sir John A MacDonald: the Rascal Who Built Canada. This was the first book of a “Warts & All” series for kids about Canadian prime ministers. I created the series and produced it under my former company JackFruit Press. I also have ghostwritten several books which I will support so they too sell into true best-seller status.

Now under my Kipekee Press publishing brand, I am just about to release a book called How to Write Your Story (October 2022). My book about how to safely and respectfully add diversity to your writing will come out in Spring 2023. Also through Kipekee Press, I have produced the Best of Outfox Magazine and am so excited about a compilation called Nineteen Tales of COVID-19 which features, as the title states, 19 stories  from authors in my WRITE NOW Club. You can purchase any of these books through the shop here on the website. We are also in the planning stages of a second book. This new book is in development and will be available to readers in late 2022. If you would like to participate, let me know!

I would love to help you become a prolific author, too!


My other means of creating are through crochet and quilting. For some time, I have been quilting a family portrait. I love the feel of beautiful fabrics and the hum of a sewing machine. I have a vast stash of beautiful fibres that I use to crochet and embroider.


 A lasting legacy for the future is my wonderful children: those of us who chose to be parents are lucky enough to be part of the creative mind of a child every day. I have four children who have grown up so fast, too fast at times because of the world we live in. We blessed to be able to live within sight of Lake Ontario in the Durham Region of Ontario.